Unreal Engine Generalist, Game Development

Job Description

As part of a multinational team of engineers, you will be responsible for implementing game features inside Unreal in both native code (C++) and using blueprints. You will be responsible for coordinating with other disciplines like design, UI, animation and technical art in order to implement game mechanics or visual improvements, as well as create guidelines and requirements for artists and designers to follow when using the features you are delivering to them.


• Work with designers/artists in order to deliver game features

• Coordinate with the engineering team and its lead to prioritize and deliver features

• Contribute to the architecture of the game code and maintain usable and performant code


The ideal candidate would be someone with experience with any commercial engines (Unity, CryEngine), but Unreal is preferred. The candidate must be able to read and write C++ code, and should be familiar with Unreal code structures and code path.

Previous experience on a commercially shipped product is a plus, but not a requirement.

Candidate should be familiar with using Visual Studio for development and debugging. Experience with PerForce (Helix) or Git is a plus.

All candidates under consideration will be required to take a programming logic test.